Looking for U13 Boys and U13 Girls Premier Coaches

FC Northwest is now accepting Coaching Applications for our U-13 Boys and U-13 Girls Premier Programs.

Qualifications required:
                -NCCP ( C-License)
                -Criminal Record Check
                -Child Abuse Registry

CLICK HERE for FC Northwest's Coaching Application.

Deadline to apply is January 29th,2018


Exciting news for 2 of FC Northwest Players!


FC Northwest is happy to announce that Tyler Attardo has been invited back to attend the 2018 ChievoVerona International Academy.  Tyler was first invited to the 2017 Chievo Residency Program and was there from January - May in 2017.  He will again be participating in the Chievo Residency Program for the next 4 months. Way to go Tyler! FCNW wishes you all the best and much success!

FC Northwest is happy to announce that William Hartfiel will be attending the 2018 ChievoVerona International Academy.  William will be participating in the Chievo Residency Program for the next 4 months. Congratulations William!  FCNW wishes you all the best and much success!


2017/2018 Indoor Registration

FC Northwest has made some exciting and positive changes to improve the experience & quality of the programming and enhance the development of the players for this upcoming indoor season!
New for this season, FC Northwest will be providing each team field time at 7 Oaks Soccer Complex.  Quality gymnasiums are becoming more difficult to obtain and further compromised this indoor season.  As a result we have agreed upon this process whereby each team will be assigned the following:
U9/U10 – Each age group will receive half field session a week (19 Weeks) at 7 Oaks Soccer Complex
U11-U17- Each age group will receive full field session a week (19 Weeks) at 7 Oaks Soccer Complex
Here is some other important information:
2017/18 Indoor Registration will take place on-line for the Developmental & Premier programs from Friday, August 25th – Thursday, September 14th.
Games-Boys Play on Sunday, Girls Play on Saturday
As a reminder, you MUST register the player in their specific birth year.
          Note: This is regardless of what division the player may have just competed in.

Division Birth-year Cost
U9 2008 $585.00
U10 2007 $585.00
U11 2006 $740.00
U12 2005 $740.00
U13 2004 $740.00
U14 2003 $740.00
U15 2002 $740.00
U16 2001 $740.00
U17 2000 $740.00

This year FC Northwest will be offering 2 different payment options.
1)   Full Payment
2)   3 Payments via a pre-authorized credit card *
a.    Initial Payment due at Registration (Open until Sept 14th)
            (U9/U10 $85.00 & U11-U17 $240.00)
b.    2nd Installment due on October 1st 2017
            (U9-U17 $250.00)
c.    3rd Installment due on November 1st 2017
            (U9-U17 $250.00)
All registration and payments will need to be completed via Goaline. Goalline will accept: Debit, PAYPAL*, MasterCard & Visa
*YOU MUST HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT & CLICK THE BOX TO ALLOW RE-OCCURING PAYMENTS. Time payments are subject to action in the event that a payment is not made or if it is late; this may result in the loss of privilege next season and/or player cards being revoked.
FC Northwest is offering a Fundraiser option to recoup some of the cost from Indoor Registration. Click here for more information
Important Notes:
-Registration is ONLINE only
-Registration is open until September 14th 2017
-Anyone calling the office to register after September 14th, 2017 will be processed as a late registration; players will still be registered on-line   through Goalline and an automatic $50 late fee is applied through the system.
If you require Financial Assistance there are 2 options:
KidSport: will provide assistance of $300/player/year to families who qualify. 
Click Here for the application form

For more information please feel free to contact our FCNW General Manager, Heather Jaques at gm@fcnorthwest.com


FCNW Results at the 2017 WYSA Cambrian Cup Finals

FCNW U17GPR1 McGrevy


FCNW U17BPR2 Marinelli


FCNW U15GPR2 Castro

FCNW U15BPR1 Juvonen

FCNW U13GPR2 Vergata


If NO CANCELLATIONS are posted, please attend to your game as scheduled. Also check the WYSA site and the CJOB cancellation site or listen to CJOB at 4:25 and 5:25 pm for cancellations. GAME CANCELLATION PHONE LINE 233-9100.

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