Vacant Board of Director Positions

FCNW is looking for a Communications & Marketing Director and a Recreational Director to join the Board of Directors.  

If interested, or if there are any questions, please email



2019 Outdoor Registration

2019 Outdoor Registration will run until February 22nd @ Noon

As a reminder, you MUST register the player in their specific birth year.

               Note: This is regardless of what division the player may have just competed in.

Division Birth Year Cost
U9 2010 $560
U10 2009 $560
U11 2008 $585
U12 2007 $585
U13 2006 $610
U14 2005 $610
U15 2004 $610
U16 2003 $610
U17 2002 $610

FC Northwest will be offering 2 different payment options.

1.Full payment

2. 2 Payments

a. Initial Payment due at Registration [ Open until February 22nd @ Noon]

i.U9/U10 - $275.00
ii. U11/U12 - $300.00
iii. U13-U17 - $325.00

b. 1st Installment due on May 1st 2019

i. U9-U17 - $300.00

All registration and payments will need to be completed via GOALINE.

Important Notes:

As an FCNW registered player you will be attending an FCNW / Chievo Verona 2-day camp between June 7th-9th.  A formal schedule will be supplied to you at a later date.

New to Developmental and looking for more information?  CLICK HERE

-Registration is ONLINE only
-Registration is open until February 22nd, 2019 at Noon
-Anyone calling the office to register after February 22nd will be processed as a late registration; players will still be able to register on-line through GOALLINE and an automatic $50.00 late fee is applied through the system.


If you require Financial Assistance:

KidSport: will provide assistance of up to $300.00/player/year to families that qualify


For more information, please feel free to contact Heather at



U9-U13 Outdoor Assessments

Location: Seven Oaks Soccer Complex (725 Kingsbury Ave)
Fee: $10.00

Players are required to attend their assessment time!

Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your start time.
- You will be given a numbered pinny to wear at check-in

Don't forget the following:

-Shin guards
-Water Bottle (Labeled)




Communications & Marketing Director to join the Board of Directors

FCNW is looking for a Communications & Marketing Director to join the Board of Directors.  

If interested, or if there are any questions, please email


General considerations:

1.    The board directors acts on behalf of an organization and its members. 

2.    Board members have a duty of loyalty and confidentiality to the organization, its staff and other board members. 

3.    Board members accomplish their functions through regular meetings and by establishing committee structures that are appropriate to the size of the organization and the board. 

4.    Board members should generally be mission and value oriented, be passionate about the organization and what it represents, and support the work that is being done.


General description of the role:

Communications/Marketing Director – The Communications/Marketing Director shall, amongst other things, be responsible for communications to the member clubs, teams, players and parents including organizing and consolidating the Club's website. They shall contribute to the creation of all logos and clothing of the Club in accordance with the standard set by the board. They shall also have responsibility for sponsorship and fund-raising efforts as well as generating all necessary brochures and advertising to better promote the programs. In addition, they shall be responsible for the planning, development and implementation of the organizations marketing strategies, marketing communication and public relations activities relevant to the external and internal workings of the club.  


This person will work with the General Manager and collaborate on a regular basis.  The role requires some marketing and communications background as well as a person who can take initiative and bring some creative spirit to both the board and the club. 


If NO CANCELLATIONS are posted, please attend to your game as scheduled. Also check the WYSA site and the CJOB cancellation site or listen to CJOB at 4:25 and 5:25 pm for cancellations. GAME CANCELLATION PHONE LINE 233-9100.

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