An Important Announcement from the Board of Directors

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An Important Announcement

From the Board of Directors of FC Northwest Inc.



We are very excited to announce some recent and important enhancements to the technical structure of the club. 


Effective September 01, 2018:

  • Larry Ladobruk will be the Technical Director for the Male program
  • Laurie McIvor will be the Technical Director for the Female program 


Thank you to both Larry and Laurie for their continued support and for taking on these new roles as we prepare to embark on a new direction for 2019!


We have a strong lineup of staff for FCNW as we move forward:

  • Heather Jaques (GM)
  • Larry Ladobruk (TD – Male)
  • Laurie McIvor (TD – Female)
  • Rudy Hartfiel (DL Staff Coach – Female)
  • Jerry Hildebrand (DL Staff Coach – Male)
  • Serhiy Zan (Goalie Coach). 


As well, we are very confident in the abilities of the many coaching staff and managers who volunteer their time and efforts both to our club and the players.


Our focus remains on the future of FCNW and our commitment to the success of ALL of the players has never been greater!


Thank you,

FC Northwest Board of Directors

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2018/2019 Indoor Registration


-See below for late registration information

(times and dates will be confirmed with teams once schedule is available)

Monday-U12 Boys, U16 Boys

Tuesday-U9/U10 Girls, U12 Boys, U15 Girls, U16 Girls

Wednesday-U13 Boys

Thursday-U13 Girls, U14 Girls, U14 Boys

Saturday-U9 Boys, U10 Boys, U11 Boys, U15 Boys

Sunday-U11 Girls, U12 GIrls

GAME DAYS  (schedule set by WYSA)

Boys Play on Sunday
Girls Play on Saturday

As a reminder, you MUST register the player in their specific birth year.
          Note: This is regardless of what division the player may have just competed in.

   Division      Birthyear          Cost

U9 2009 $575.00
U10 2008 $575.00
U11 2007 $737.00
U12 2006 $737.00
U13 2005 $740.00
U14 2004 $740.00
U15 2003 $740.00
U16 2002 $740.00
U17 2001 $740.00

FC Northwest will be offering 2 different payment options until September 16th:
1) Full Payment OR
2) 2 Payments via a pre-authorized credit card *
a.    Initial Payment due at Registration (Open until Sept 16th)
            (U9/U10 $275.00 & U11/U12 $437.00 & U13/U17 $440.00)
b.    2nd Installment due on October 1st 2018
            (U9-U17 $315.00)


All registration and payments will need to be completed via Goalline. Goalline will accept: Debit, PAYPAL*, MasterCard & Visa

*YOU MUST HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT & CLICK THE BOX TO ALLOW RE-OCCURING PAYMENTS. Time payments are subject to action in the event that a payment is not made or if it is late; this may result in the loss of privilege next season and/or player cards being revoked.
Important Notes:
-Anyone wanting to register after September 16 must call the office to have the online system opened in order to be registered.  All players are required to be registered on-line through Goalline.  Anyone registering after September 16 is processed as a late registration and an automatic $50 late fee is applied through the Goalline system.
If you require Financial Assistance click link below:
KidSport: will provide assistance of $300/player/year to families who qualify. 
Click Here for the application form

For more information please feel free to contact our FCNW General Manager, Heather Jaques at


FC Northwest is looking for volunteers to join committees

Do you want to make an impact to help develop and contribute to the club in a positive way?

FC Northwest is looking to add diversity and different perspectives to the discussions on the following committees.

If interested or if you would like more details, please email the address provided.
The time and location of the meetings TBD by each committee.
You may join more than one committee if interested.


If NO CANCELLATIONS are posted, please attend to your game as scheduled. Also check the WYSA site and the CJOB cancellation site or listen to CJOB at 4:25 and 5:25 pm for cancellations. GAME CANCELLATION PHONE LINE 233-9100.

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