Coaching Card Requirements

Coaching cards are required by all Coaches.  These cards will be checked by officials prior to the start of the game to ensure coaches meet the coaching standards required to compete at this level.  This is essential to ensure that the game is being policed to keep the standards necessary to develop the game.  


The following steps need to be completed prior to receiving your Coaches card:


a) Respect in Sport (RIS): this is an on-line questionnaire completed by each individual at Once the program is complete a certificate number will be given to the person and this is what needs to be provided to the convener. There is no cost to obtain this.

b) Criminal Record Check (CPIC): this is done in-person by each individual at his/her local police department. FC Northwest will reimburse the coach should there be any cost incurred to obtain this document; however, typically the volunteer pays in advance, and upon clearance and submission of receipts, then the reimbursement is processed. The document is FC Northwest property. It will expire 36 months from that date.
c) Child Abuse Registry Check (CAR): come to the FC Northwest Office to complete this paperwork which is done by each individual in-person by completing the paper copy of the registry check.  You must present TWO (2) pieces of valid, government-issued identification.  The office will submit the documentation and only on the occurance of a negative result will you be contacted.  The form is FC Northwest property. It will expire 36 months from that date.

d) Coaching clinics: these are completed on an individual basis prior to the outdoor season starting. 

· Active Start Course: Completion of a training course totaling 3 hours
(Active Start Stage of Development – players U-4/U-6).
No pre-requisites required.

· FUNdamentals Course: Completion of the training course totaling 7 hours 
(Fundamentals Stage of Development – Boys U-6/U-9 and Girls U-6/U-8).
No pre-requisites required.

· Learn to Train Course: Completion of the training course totaling 14 hours 
(Learning to Train Stage of Development – Boys U-9/U-12 and Girls U-8/U-11).
No pre-requisites required.

· Soccer for Life Course: Completion of a training course totaling 14 hours
(Soccer for Life Stage of Development – Boys U-13 and Girls U-12 and older).
No pre-requisites required.

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