Abuse of Officials Letter

June 19, 2009

SUBJECT:  Abuse of Game Officials


There continues to be a growing number of cases of game officials being abused by coaches and spectators.  These â??intolerableâ? actions will stop immediately.  To assist in ensuring that the â??non-professionalâ? actions of coaches and spectators are addressed, the club has taken the following measures:


·         Any complaint against a coach from a game official will result in an immediate suspension, pending an investigation and verification that the coach has completed the respect in Sport program.

·         Referees have been instructed to suspend play until any offending parent/spectator is removed from the playing area.

·         Coaching staff will be subject to suspension for abuse of game officials or refusing to cooperate with game officials in identifying and removing offending spectators.

·         A second offence, of abuse of a game official in the same season (including playoffs) involving coaches, players and/or spectators, will result in the immediate suspension of the team from further play. 


The next time your team has a game and there is no official present, instead of asking if a referee was scheduled, ask the question, â??Did a coach, player or spectator abuse a game official?â?

Please ensure we respect the laws of the game and the officials who are trying to enforce them.  They need your support, not your abuse!




Martino Vergata

President,  FC Northwest

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